Atlas™ Mouse Technologies

Atlas™ Mice were developed by the AbTherx team and are licensed as part of an exclusive partnership with Gilead. Learn more

We built a better mouse

Full Human Diversity Mouse was thoughtfully designed to overcome many of the challenges with legacy transgenic technologies.

  • Full-diversity human HC + κ-LC
  • Using only functional VH/VK promotes more productive B-cell rearrangements
  • Variable sequences used avoid patented or FTO-excluded variants
  • V-regions used comprise >99% of commonly expressed human sequences

Bispecific antibodies inspired by nature

Binary Fixed Light Chain Mouse enables the development of a clinically validated bispecific antibody format that is most similar to native antibodies.

  • Most similar structure to a native Ab
  • Allows target-driven selection from one of two fixed LC cassettes
  • Increases hit recovery – two LCs have overlapping but distinct abilities to pair with diverse HCs
  • Novel mechanism where individual B cells can only express one of two Vκ genes

Target GPCRs and ion channels with long CDR3s

Long CDR3 Mouse uses natural mechanisms to generate long CDR3 antibodies to improve the chance of success against GPCRs and ion channels.

  • Addresses an unmet need: a new technology enabling access to GPCRs and ion channels
  • Natural mechanisms are co-opted for obligate long H-CDR3s
  • Improves upon platforms having immunogenicity or expression issues