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Chief Scientific Officer

Peter Brams, PhD


VP, Antibody Discovery, Zai Lab
Senior Director, Antibody Center of Excellence, Bristol Myers Squibb
Director, Antibody Discovery, Medarex
Senior Scientist, Biogen Idec

Peter is the Chief Scientific Officer of AbTherx. He has spent his career focused on the generation of clinical-grade human antibodies, e.g., Opdivo (anti-PD1), Ofatumumab (anti-CD20), Ulocuplomab (anti-CXCR4), and  anti-CCR8 antibodies in clinical trials1 for BMS and Zai Lab. Peter grew the antibody-generating unit at Medarex from seven people using hybridoma and only manual protocols, to a multi-site, multidisciplinary, highly automated unit, supplying all antibodies to meet the needs of the entire Bristol Myers Squibb corporation. Peter was involved at all levels of the pursuit, adding novel conceptual approaches to antigen design, automation strategies, immunization developments, and electrofusion protocols, as well as single cell antibody cloning and antibody gene analysis. He has authored over 100 submitted and approved patents.

Peter has worked with some of the most disruptive thinkers in the field: Lennard Olson (first human human hybridoma), Robert Gallo (advanced HIV research on all fronts), Ivor Royston (human antibody pioneer), Nabil Hannah (identified CD20 as clinical antibody target: Rituximab was the first curative anti-cancer antibody), Nils Lonberg (generated the HuMAb Mouse® platform at Medarex), and Alan Korman (moved immuno-oncology from lab bench to bedside).  

Peter received his PhD from the University of Aarhus in Denmark.

1Campbell JR et al, Cancer Res 2021;81:2983–94. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-20-3585