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Chief Technology Officer

Dan Rohrer, PhD


Senior Director, Zai Lab
Senior Director, Bristol Myers Squib
Member, Biotech Industry Advisory Council, Cal Poly SLO
Senior Director, Medarex
Senior Scientist, Chiron Corp.
Board Member, Aldar Academy
Scientist, Roche Bioscience
Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University

Dan is the Chief Technology Officer of AbTherx. He has over 25 years of broad experience in therapeutic drug discovery. Over the last 20 years, Dan and his scientific teams have specialized in creating therapeutic antibody discovery platforms in transgenic mice, including managing and refining the HuMAb Mouse® platform – the most successful platform based on the number of FDA approvals to date. More recent applications of this technology at Zai Lab resulted in the creation of a novel and differentiated antibody discovery toolset which is poised to address the evolving antibody therapeutics market. Dan has an established background and publication record in transgenic methodologies and G-protein coupled receptors, and he is recognized throughout the industry for his leadership of therapeutic discovery campaigns.