AbTherx Partners with Single Cell Technology for First Antibody Discovery Campaigns

Partnership provides AbTherx and licensees of AbTherx’s Atlas™ Mice access to Single Cell Technology’s proprietary single B cell screening engine

Mountain View and San Jose, Calif. – March 13, 2024 – AbTherx, Inc., a biotechnology company with innovative technologies to enable and accelerate antibody discovery, and Single Cell Technology, Inc. (“Single Cell”), a biotechnology company with nine years of experience delivering antibodies to clients across multiple therapeutic areas, today announced that AbTherx selected Single Cell for its first antibody discovery campaigns. As part of this partnership, AbTherx and licensees of AbTherx’s Atlas™ Mice will have access to Single Cell’s proprietary single B cell screening engine.

Single Cell is a leading antibody discovery R&D provider. Its pioneering AbTheneum™ platform compresses campaign timelines and captures all binder and non-binder screening and sequencing data. It screens all antibodies from each cell against multiple parameters while simultaneously sequencing all antibodies on multiple picowell devices. The capture, screen, and sequence workflow takes just three weeks from cells to screened antibody sequences. Since 2015, Single Cell has run a wide range of discovery campaigns, sequencing millions of antibodies.

Atlas™ Mice, a suite of novel transgenic technologies designed for unmatched performance and FTO, were developed by the AbTherx team and are licensed as part of an exclusive partnership with Gilead. Atlas™ Mice are designed to produce robust immune responses, increase hit recovery, enable development of a bispecific antibody format most like native antibodies, and use natural mechanisms to generate long CDR3 antibodies. Committed to making its technologies accessible to all, AbTherx offers flexible partnering models, including options for royalty-free or no upfront fee licensing, that meet the needs of drug developers of all sizes.

“We are excited to combine our novel human Ig transgenic mice with Single Cell’s leading-edge antibody screening engine. This collaboration will allow us to mine a much larger array of B cells from Atlas™ Mice for therapeutic antibodies, compared to other single B cell approaches,” said Peter Brams, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of AbTherx. “AbTheneum™ uniquely combines biology, miniaturization, and informatics and has been continually refined over many years to allow large-scale screening of single B cells in a smart, flexible, and highly efficient process.”

“We have expanded our capabilities at Single Cell to address antibody developers’ needs, and we are excited to partner our screening engine with AbTherx’s state-of-the-art technologies,” said Chun-Nan Chen, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Single Cell. We are eager to pair the massive data output and speed of AbTheneum™ with the high-quality performance of Atlas™ Mice to demonstrate how this powerful combination will advance innovative therapeutics.”

About AbTherx, Inc.

AbTherx is advancing medicine with revolutionary technologies that accelerate and enable therapeutic antibody discovery. Through an exclusive partnership with Gilead Sciences, AbTherx has released Atlas™ Mice, a suite of novel transgenic technologies designed for unmatched performance and FTO. For over 20 years, AbTherx’s passionate, innovative, and collaborative team has pushed the boundaries of antibody discovery technologies, leading to over 1,000 successful antibody discovery campaigns and 13 marketed therapeutics. AbTherx’s industry-leading team creates transformative solutions to overcome the most demanding challenges in delivering innovative medicines. Committed to making its technologies accessible to all, AbTherx offers flexible partnering models that meet the needs of drug developers of all sizes. For more information, please visit www.abtherx.com.

About Single Cell Technology, Inc.

Single Cell Technology is an antibody discovery R&D provider with a pioneering platform that can both accelerate the process and capture all available data. Its team expertly deploys the patented AbTheneum™ technology—which combines innovations in microfabrication, semiconductor processing, molecular biology, bioinformatics, cell biology, and immunology—to overcome discovery challenges and move campaigns ahead quickly and efficiently. Single Cell has been delivering value for nine years to pharmaceutical clients, tailoring each antibody screen to the target biology. Several antibodies discovered by Single Cell have entered clinical trials, validating the quality of antibodies identified using AbTheneum™ screening. Learn more at www.singlecelltechnology.com.

AbTherx Media Contact
Stacey Borders

Single Cell Technology Media Contact
Rich Jorgensen