AbTherx Opens Antibody Discovery Technologies Research Center

New research center’s world-class antibody discovery capabilities support a growing portfolio of Atlas™ Mice transgenic technologies and partnerships

Foster City, Calif. – June 18, 2024 – AbTherx, Inc., a biotechnology company with innovative technologies that enable and accelerate antibody discovery, today announced the opening of its new antibody discovery technologies research center. The new state-of-the-art laboratory includes a multimillion-dollar investment in antibody discovery research automation and facilities to develop innovative therapeutics and transgenic mouse technologies.

“We are expanding our footprint in San Francisco’s thriving life sciences community and reinforcing our commitment to developing innovative antibody discovery technologies, with unmatched performance and FTO, broadly available under flexible partnering models,” said Justin Mika, Chief Executive Officer of AbTherx. “Combining this new research center with our partnerships with The Jackson Laboratory and Single Cell Technology, we’re well-positioned to bolster our portfolio of novel antibody discovery technologies and forge new partnerships in drug development.”

The AbTherx research center in Foster City, California, is part of a stunning waterfront research campus comprising Class A laboratories and office buildings totaling 360,000 square feet. The community includes a large central quad with an outdoor amphitheater, playing fields, meeting spaces, and other recreational features to provide AbTherx employees with an environment that fosters collaboration. The new research space will enable the expansion of AbTherx’s Atlas™ Mice technologies through enhanced capabilities, including best-in-class immunization capabilities and state-of-the-art robotics for large-scale HTP cell culture and testing to support deep mining of the antibody repertoire. The new capabilities also enable structure-based immunogen design to support GPCR, ion channel, glycoimmunology, and epitope mimic research programs.

“This new research center will help accelerate innovation in medicine, drive antibody discovery across therapeutic areas, attract and retain the brightest scientific minds, and further a sense of collaboration,” said Peter Brams, CSO of AbTherx. “I’m excited to unlock the full potential of our Atlas™ Mice platform with these new automated capabilities in advanced hybridoma, single B cell screening, antibody expression and screening, and antibody analytics.”

“By continuing to invest in science, we can change medicine, moving pioneering human antibody discovery technologies more rapidly from lab concept to therapeutic antibody discovery,” said Dan Rohrer, CTO of AbTherx. “These new capabilities will significantly scale our ability to utilize the Atlas™ Mice platform and streamline the feedback loop between making and testing new transgenic mouse technologies.”

About AbTherx, Inc.

AbTherx is advancing medicine with revolutionary technologies that accelerate and enable therapeutic antibody discovery. Through an exclusive partnership with Gilead Sciences, AbTherx has released Atlas™ Mice, a suite of novel transgenic technologies designed for unmatched performance and FTO. For over 20 years, AbTherx’s passionate, innovative, and collaborative team has pushed the boundaries of antibody discovery technologies, leading to over 1,000 successful antibody discovery campaigns and 13 marketed therapeutics. AbTherx’s industry-leading team creates transformative solutions to overcome the most demanding challenges in delivering innovative medicines. Committed to making its technologies accessible to all, AbTherx offers flexible partnering models that meet the needs of drug developers of all sizes. For more information, please visit www.abtherx.com.

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